Port Carmel Honey

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Eucalyptus flower honey

In Israel there are about 12 species of eucalyptus trees, the honey bees feed on the nectar of the flowers of an Australian species, Eucalyptus torquata whose flowers are red and it blooms in the spring. There are about 700 species of eucalyptus and most of them grow in Australia.


Wild flower honey

Since the bee in flight can cover a radius of 5 km from the hive, the wild flower honey of Porat Apiary is made from wild desert flowers and contains many vitamins and minerals. The honey is produced from the nectar of wild flowers from different flowers and different regions of the country.


Avocado flower honey

Avocado honey is rich in calcium, potassium, iron and vitamins B2, B, A, C, and B3. Its darker than the other types of honey, its taste is buttery and this is thanks to the abundance of essential fatty acids in the avocado fruit.


Citrus blossom honey

The honey of the citrus flowers comes from the heart of the Negev orchards that bloom in the spring. The scents of the blossoms affect the aroma and taste of the honey. The origin of citrus fruits is in Southeast Asia, and they are common near the Mediterranean Sea and more. Among the citrus fruits are the orange, the lemon, the clementine, the etrog, the pomelo, the pomelo and many others.



Each box contains approximately 250 grams of honey.

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